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Izakaya is in the midst of the corona disaster
coworking space
start in earnest


Started service as a coworking space

Businesses such as izakaya and banquet party spaces have been refraining from business for a long time due to the corona wreck. We have started the service as a full-fledged coworking space, such as setting up and supporting a virtual office where you can register a company recommended for startups, and using it for work during long vacations.

We will conduct regular interviews with users to create an environment that is easier to use.

This page is an izakaya coworking space

It is an explanation of how it started, the story and the service.


What is a coworking space?

Coworking space means 'a place to work together'. Freelance sole proprietors, office workers and salespeople working from home, remote work, telework (remote work), workation (work during long vacations) and various industries are store spaces It is a service that provides an environment (space) where each can work.

Other ways to use the coworking space include setting up a virtual office for corporate registration, using meeting spaces such as rental conference rooms and shared offices, and renting out the coworking space for seminars, lectures, educational lessons, and other work. A shop can be held.

We will build a unique community of energy there and develop support and services for activities such as information exchange, interaction, business collaboration, etc. so that users can develop their businesses.


coworking space
Background and thoughts

Due to the long-term self-restraint of business due to the new coronavirus, it is being faced with whether business formats such as izakaya and banquet party spaces can survive in the future.

It seems that the future will continue to be uncertain, and I feel anxious every day. I wondered if I could use my strengths to help.

The number of banquets and parties has catastrophically decreased, but there are large spaces, windows that can be ventilated, high-speed wifi that can be used comfortably, many large monitors, microphones, and other equipment that were used for banquets, and I myself am digital and web-based. I like it, so I thought it would be nice if I could help freelancers and those who run their own businesses with web and digitalization, and provide and support the work environment for freelancers. started.

``If you come to Energy, you will be able to work with people from various industries and solve your problems.'' Or, ``Meeting at Energy led to business development.'' We operate a coworking space with such purposes, goals, and thoughts that connect.

The name of the entertainment bar NRG (Energy) contains the idea of "creating a community full of energy and contributing to the richness of the customer's heart."

Whether you use an izakaya or a co-working space, you can use our store in any type of business, and you will be full of energy, your business will go well, your business performance will increase, and it will be a place of lively community activities. I would appreciate it if you could choose our store as a place for exchanges.

エンタメ酒場NRG 代表 横田峻

Author of this page
Shun Yokota, Representative of Entertainment Bar NRG
​ I mainly post information on Facebook and Instagram and introduce my favorite shops and businesses.

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コワーキングスペースを 始めた背景や想い

​ Recommended for people like this

Our coworking space is recommended for such people.

"Coworking spaces are specialized in IT and PC companies.
at the location ofto useAwkward" "I can't concentrate at home"

"I'm looking for a coworking space in the Chubu area such as Okinawa City, Uruma City, Yomitan Village, but I can't find a good one."

“I wonder if there is a place where we can have business talks with a large number of people or have a meeting with a team.”

"I'm looking for a place where I can talk calmly."

"I'm going to stay in Okinawa for a long vacation or business trip, but I wonder if there's a space where I can work casually."

"I want to register as a corporation, but I want to reduce the fixed cost of renting an office" or "I want to establish a company, but I don't know how to do it (I'm looking for a place to ask)."

``Is there a place where I can rent out seminars and lectures?''​

​ is recommended for those looking for a coworking space.


Our ​ coworking space
Not a place for IT​

Many people tend to think that people who use coworking spaces are IT engineers, computer specialists, or people who are good at it. I don't know how to use the space."

Some of our main customers are IT specialists, but most of them are non-IT related.
For example, there are many people who are doing business and business in the area, such as renovation shops, baked confectionery shops, administrative scrivener, traditional Okinawa sweets shops, talents, insurance and securities sales.

Our co-working space can be used for various purposes, such as students studying for entrance exams and exams, as well as workshops such as flower arrangement classes, color education, and color therapy. .

The most common response from customers is "I can't concentrate at home", and if you have children at home or are tempted by various temptations, why don't you switch to our store and focus on it?

Also, I personally recommend it, but it's good for work, but I think it's also possible to relax and use it for hobbies, such as watching movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or reading on a Kindle.

Please use our coworking space in a way that suits you.
​ *Please use earphones when watching Zoom or videos.


Good location with easy access to both north and south
​Coworking space in Okinawa

If you are looking for a coworking space in Yomitan Village, Okinawa City or Uruma City but can't find a good one, we recommend it.

Due to the influence of the coronavirus, the way of working has changed dramatically, such as remote work and telework, so that you can work from a distance without going to the office. There are still few places where remote work and telework can be done near the city and Uruma city.

Among the co-working spaces available near Okinawa City and Uruma City, where there are few of them, our shop is a co-working space that can be used [comfortably] [feel free] [safely].

[Reasons for comfortable use]
High-speed free wifi that can be used comfortably even when using Zoom or video streaming services, a multifunction machine (copier) that is connected to the cloud, a drink bar with a wide variety of drinks that can only be done at an izakaya, and a candy bar. A space that does not become Payment can be made smoothly and comfortably by online payment.

[Reasons for easy use]
Easy access is important.
Our shop is located 7 minutes by car from Okinawa Kita IC (Okinawa Kita Interchange) and has good access to both the north and south. Recommended as a base for meetings.
The first floor of the store is a parking lot covered with clogs, so you can use the coworking space as soon as you park your car.
In addition, even if you are using a large number of people for private seminars, etc., you can use the pay parking lot (approximately 550 spaces) of the Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Hospital opposite the store.

Another important aspect of convenience is the usage fee.
I do work almost every day, so I can't use the coworking space if the price is high.

Therefore, we have made the price easy for customers to use the coworking space.

In addition, according to the purpose, drop-in for 3 hours or 1 day use (spot use / use as needed), monthly membership with unlimited use of coworking space, black membership with benefits, charter plan that can be used for seminars and lectures, etc. , we have prepared a plan that suits your purpose.

[Reasons for safe use]
The business hours of the coworking space are short, so there is no point in not opening even if you want to use it.
Our store is open from 9:00 in the morning to 22:00 at night. In addition, although it is not open all year round, there are only two regular holidays per month, so you can use it at any time you like.

And even if you use it for a long time, you can use it with confidence without worrying about the price because it is a flat rate system.

Regarding security, we use an auto-lock system when entering the store. By avoiding the entry and exit of an unspecified number of people, customers can use it with peace of mind.


Focus on team meetings and leisurely work

If you are looking for a shop where you can hold business meetings with a large number of people, have a team meeting, or a coworking space where you can work calmly, we recommend it.

For shops such as Mac and Starbucks, small meetings of 2 to 3 people are ideal. However, it is not suitable for large meetings, presentations, and complicated conversations, or it is not possible.

Our full-day plan allows you to sit back, relax, sip your coffee, and concentrate on meetings, presentations, complex conversations, or work without worrying about time. You can go in and out freely, so you can bring your lunch or have lunch nearby.

​ If you are looking for a large number of seminars, meetings, conference rooms, or co-working spaces in or near Uruma City in Okinawa, please use our shop.



It is recommended for those who stay in Okinawa for a long time or temporarily return to their hometown on a trip or business trip from outside Okinawa Prefecture.

Okinawa City and Uruma City, which are located in the central part of the main island of Okinawa, have better cost performance for rent, vacation rentals, guesthouses, and other accommodation facilities than the city center such as Naha. It has good access to the Naha area where there is, and it is also an ideal meeting spot for all over Okinawa.

​Our co-working space has a low usage fee and is recommended for short-term to long-term workcations of 1 month.



It is also recommended to use it for private seminars and lectures.

The spacious restaurant has about 80 seats and is fully equipped with large monitors, microphones, whiteboards, etc., which are important for seminars and lectures.

​ We can also charter according to the customer's purpose, so please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a coworking space or seminar venue for chartered seminars and lectures in Okinawa.


Coworking space usage fee


Main facilities and services available

利用できる主な設備 サービス
SNS |コワーキングスペース|シェアオフィス

Best commitment

ロゴ-シェアオフィスNRG (300 × 300 px).png


In order for our customers to use the coworking space comfortably, we have set up high-speed Wi-Fi that supports video streaming such as Zoom and Netflix, outlets on each table, and an easy-to-use environment such as a drink bar and candy bar. We have prepared Among them, we have prepared [Yoshimoto coffee directly from the roasting factory] that we are most particular about.
Click here for the website of Yoshimoto Coffee

Coffee is roasted from raw beans and oxidizes as time passes, and the flavor and taste fades. Freshness after roasting is very important.

Yoshimoto Coffee, which has its own roasting factory, is located in Chibana, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture, near NRG, and purchases freshly roasted coffee beans directly from the factory.

We have prepared the top rank [Italian roast] where you can enjoy the taste of coffee with a deep aroma and richness among Yoshimoto coffee.

The espresso machine allows you to easily set the strength of the coffee beans, and you can enjoy both iced coffee and hot coffee.

Enjoy premium, freshly ground coffee.

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