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What is a photo slide show?


Photo slideshow just by sending it to the shop's LINE

Very popular! (Free benefits)It is popular at parties with many memories such as wedding after-parties and class reunions. You can enjoy a slide show just by sending photos to the shop's LINE. Old photos tell the story. It is also recommended for golf competitions.

In the case of a wedding after-party, you can send the photos taken by the participants of the reception and memorable photos to the shop's LINE, and you can enjoy the slide show at the after-party venue.
We will post an explanation of the slide show and the store's LINE QR code on the back of the invitation for the wedding party.

Photo data will be presented to the bride and groom at a later date.

​Also, if you ask the host of the reception to announce the slide show, it will lead to [increase the number of people who send photos] and [the opportunity to participate in the second party].

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