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You can bring your own drinks and food.

Drinks and food can be brought in

Bring food OK

Luxurious buffet style, lunch box style for growing children, hors d'oeuvre style with friends, catered bento style for celebrations, various food can be brought in for luxurious hospitality parties, encouragement parties for children's club activities, etc. You can have a party in your own style, even a casual party. This is a picture of the food that customers have brought so far.


弁当, オードブル, から揚げBOX

沖縄のコワーキングスペースと居酒屋|エンタメ酒場NRG(エナジー)Google Map


激励会, 部活動, タンカーユーエー, 父母会


OK to bring cake

You can also bring in a cake, which is indispensable for birthdays. Here are some photos of cakes that customers have brought in.


沖縄のコワーキングスペースと居酒屋|エンタメ酒場NRG(エナジー)Google Map


結婚式二次会, タンカー祝い, 誕生日, 誕生日会


OK to bring drinks

You can bring your own drink or alcohol. Here are some photos of the drinks that our customers have brought in so far.

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