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Wedding second party / charter party

Terms of Service

Entertainment Bar Energy (hereinafter referred to as "our shop") has established the following terms of use regarding contracts for banquets or events (hereinafter referred to as banquets, etc.) and use of the banquet hall. Please use it after agreeing to this agreement.


1. Minimum number of people reserved for our shop


The small hall can be reserved for 15 people.

The charter on the middle hall side is from 20 people.

All halls can be reserved from 60 people.

* Calculated at 2500 yen per person.

2. Banquet time and additional room charge


For the contract time (hereinafter referred to as banquet time) from the start to the end of use of the banquet hall, etc., the prescribed room fee is paid, but if this banquet time is exceeded, an additional room fee will be charged. Will be. However, please be aware that we may not be able to respond to the excess usage time in relation to the next venue usage time.


3. Determining the number of reservations


Please decide the number of people to prepare the food. Changes can be made up to 7 days in advance.

* Those who make a reservation by charter cannot go below the minimum number of chartered people in our shop.

Even if the number of guests attending the banquet etc. is less than the minimum number, the fee for the minimum number of people will be charged.


4. Incurred cancellation fee / cancellation fee


If you cancel a banquet, etc. for which you have already made this reservation, in principle, you will be charged a cancellation fee as follows.

* Calculated at 2500 yen per person.


7 days before this reservation   ・ 50% of the number of reservations (minimum number for buffet plan)

7 days before to the day before the banquet ... 80% of the number of people reserved (minimum number for buffet plan)  

On the day of the banquet ... 100% of the number of people reserved (minimum number in the case of buffet plan)  


5. Compensation for damages


Customers (including all related parties on the customer side) and those who are directly requested by the customer should be careful not to damage or damage our facilities, furniture and fixtures. If the facilities, fixtures, etc. are damaged or damaged, please follow the instructions from our shop to repair them promptly, or pay compensation for damages.


6. Accident / theft in the store


Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents or thefts that occur under the control of the customer in the store.


7. Refusal and cancellation right to conclude a banquet use contract


If it is recognized that each of the following items is applicable, we will not accept the usage contract for banquets, etc. Even after the contract is signed, the contract will be canceled.


・ Among our shop users, the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Criminal Members (enforced on March 1, 1992), Article 2, Item 6 Boryokudan Members, or Article 2, Item 2 Boryokudan of the same Act When there is a person related to a company or organization that has a relationship with

・ If you say or do something that causes significant inconvenience to other users of our shop

・ If you make a violent request to our employees or if you have to bear a burden that exceeds the reasonable range.

・ If there is a fact that violates this "request for use of the banquet hall"

・ When the banquet hall cannot be used due to a natural disaster, facility failure, or other unavoidable reason.


8. Prohibitions


Please refrain from the following items as they are prohibited.


・ Bringing in dogs, cats, small birds and other animals and livestock

・ Bringing in ignitable or flammable items (crackers, etc.)

・ Bringing in stinks

・ Acts that disturb gambling or other morals or behavior that may disturb other customers

・ Movement of equipment

・ Use for purposes other than the intended purpose

・ Other acts prohibited by law

・ Actions that take time to clean (flower wiping, etc.)



Since it is a place for drinking, we strictly refuse to enter the store only by minors.

Customers who drive a car are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol.


Effective October 24, 2019

​202 Changed April 29, 2021

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